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Hi am new here, am 18 and at uni.

Just found this site because I can't sleep so am randomly browsing the web.

Am kinda nervous for later as I find out the result for my kidney biopsy as they discovered that I had protein in my urine indicating that my lupus has got to my kidney. Don't know why am nervous I guess I am just scared for the future. :worried:

Have never spoke to anyone else with lupus so would love to get to talk to people on this site.

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Hi there and welcome to the site.

I am sorry that you are having difficulties but educating yourself will be the best thing for you.

I think that everyone worries about the future, but I try to think that even the healthiest of people have no idea what tomorrow will bring so neither should I.

Reading a lot of the posts will make you feel that you are not alone and you can ask as many questions as you want on here.

Nice to meet you.

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Thanks, I think I am in the right place here. Haven't really known much about my condition since I was diagnosed I kind of just ignored knowing much about it for some reason, don't know why?

Hello Lorendo and welcome,

I'm sorry to hear what brings you here and I hope those results are OK. Have you had them back yet?

It is sometimes scary thinking of the future. I think the best many of us can do is to take things one day at a time as much as they can. That is obviously sometimes easier said than done.

I find that knowing about the disease and learning about new research etc. helps me and it is also quite interesting.

There are a few younger members here though I know you may not all log on at the same time :lol:

Feel free to post away and ask questions, we'll try and help as much as we can :)

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Thanks for the reply, yer I got the results back on Tuesday just posted about them in the tests and procedures section.

Wasn't what I was expecting but now I can get treatment and hopefully get better.

Thanks, Lauren :lol:
Hey I am almost 18, was diagnosed at 9, and my lupus just lurves my kidneys, I've been through 4 biopsies so dude I feel your pain.
Hi, My Daughter Immi posts here sometimes. She is 17, quite newly diagnosed.
She often has protein too.
x Lola
try not to worry too much, i always have proten and it always turns out okay :p
Oh yeah, they've let me know I'll probably have some protein for the rest of my life - they just like to make it sound like its an AHHH situation, usually it's not a big deal.

Hi everyone thanks for your kind welcomes. Have been feeling very weel since they put me on the new meds which is good.

Also started gentle yoga find it is really good to ease the joints and muscles up.

Hope all is well :lol:

Hey Laura

Hi Laura, my name is Reisha, I am 19. I am testing for protein tomorrow and Im scared too. I find that knowledge makes me prepared and that gives me asurance and makes me worry a hole lot less. Stay well, talk to you soon.:)
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