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Hi lindsay,

I'll go through them one by one :wink2:

C3 yours is normal

C4 normal

Sed Rate (ESR) is raised which can mean inflammation from any source, lupies do get it, but it can be raised when your body is fighting off something too so it's not very specific - a repeat of this is a good idea

I'm confused too about the way your DNA titre is written - some here have been given a titre, but mostly it's not expressed as that and your results dont show a titre anyway ?? Your results show 3 and then I assume ?? maybe incorrectly they are saying 2 is the upper range?? just check you have copied it correctly because in most places anything under 4 or 5 is ok - in Lupus the numbers can go very high in the hundreds.

All the other antibodies tested are negative

CRP normal
CPK normal
There appears to be no normal range against your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) labs would vary, but you could contact the lab and see if that one falls into normal range. I should think it would according to this site as labs dont vary their normal range that much:

Same applies to the glucose level you would need to contact the lab because glucose is expressed in many different tests and you would need 'their' normal range.

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