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Help please. Thanks!

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Ok, I'm new here. My husband's in the army so we're stationed in Germany. I have had symptoms for the past 4 years, starting at around 15 and I'm wondering if it's lupus. The rash I don't really get that bad, but it's in the same place as the rash for lupus. Every so often I'll be sick.My glands hurt, and the aching feels almost like the flu but not. It's unbearable and I really can't do anything when this happens. I also get a fever, I don't think it's really high, but it's definitely noticeable. I have chest pain sometimes, and I have some hair loss on the sides of my hairline. Anyone else have this? When I'm not sick I'll still be really tired, but I get less tired when I'm not in the sick stage. Hope this makes sense. Is that what the muscular aches feel like? Almost like the flu? It's really hard to describe, because I never felt something like that before. Thanks for any insight or info you can give.:)
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sorry did relpy then lost it grrrrrrrrr!! jess i was saying that you knowsomething must be going on or you wouldnt be looking here, just like me all them yrs ago,

first find out as much as you can look round here on site,m write down all your symtoms and get to the dr's and tell them just how your feeling

the sooner the better, as you know this can all take time, not saying you have lupus but we are not the dr's thats there job, but you can be well informed before you go . you know something isnt right

i wish you well please let us know what they say, but you dont have to have all the symtoms you know, some ppl can go in sun some cant, some have rash some dont. some have joint pain fatiuge, the list goes on

just write everything down before ytou go in, saying look this ois how ive been feeling for the past blah blah......... good luck

take care Lin xxxxxxxxxxx
Hello, just thought I would drop you a line to say the same as lin really, you are in your own body and know if it isn't quite right... do make notes and go see your gp, it may take some time to know what is going on, but it definitely sounds as if you are having a hard time, which is difficult for one as young as you. If your gp runs some tests that come up with no definitive answer then you need a referral for further investigation. Be quite firm about that as all too often if you look like you are coping they won't always realise just how bad you are feeling. Go with your gut instinct and start pushing for some answers. All the best, let us know how you get on.
Claire X
Hiya..really sorry to hear that u r not feeling well..def agree with Claire, write all your symptoms down and don't be fobbed off...before I was diagnosed I had lumps under my skin, my feet hurt when I walk and my skin hurt when I touched doc told me that I had swollen glands (ha) and put me on anti-biotics, which did nothing, then he gave me cream, which did nothing..I pushed and pushed becuase I knew something wasn't day I came home from work and didn't leave my bed for 7 weeks..was so ill..anyway to cut a long story short, after much screaming and shouting and having to go private they found out what was wrong.

If I had listened to my doctor, i dont know where I would be now.. so what i want to say to you is listen to your body and push for an answer, because you know yourself...
Hi there,

You have been given good advice here. YOU KNOW YOUR OWN BODY!!! Our bodies tell a story and it is up to us to listen to them. If you know that something is not right then press forward for medical treatment.

Your pcp may do routine blood work that will lead to a referral to a Rheumatologist. You will be best suited to go seek medical help and hopefully find some answers.

I do hope you press on with this and see your doctor. Your illness could be Lupus or many other things as well. Keep us informed as to how you proceed.

Good luck.
Hi, Welcome to the site. Everyone here is very supportive . My niece her husband and children, also in Army stationed in Germany. You have been given great advice. When you go to doctor, do not let them brush you off, be persistent. Stress to them something is not right, but please see a doctor soon. Best Wishes, Rosie
Hello Jess, Welcome here. The symptoms of Lupus can be a little non specific at first-but if it is Lupus it would be good to start medication soon.
I can identify with the flu like feelings, that and ferocious night sweats were pretty much my earliest signs. Like you, when I got a spell of it I simply could not get out of bed to do anything.
Good Luck,
x Lola
Wow, so many responses already. Thanks everyone! I think you all are right, because I've went to my doctor, and I've heard, depression, stress, ect., oh and I need more exercise. I think I'm gonna have to push it this next time. Thanks again for all the responses, and if there's any progress I'll be sure to post. Thank you!
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