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I also vote for a consult by a neurologist, and immediately. If your rheumy can't see you for another month or more, then you need a phone consult. Seriously, this is nothing to delay on.

While many GP's are knowledgeable, you need someone who is experienced in dealing with autoimmune brain issues.

You said you had a CT scan done, but what about an MRI? There are specific patterns to lupus cns which show up on MRI, but not on CT. Again, you need a neurologist who is experienced in dealing with lupus. Not all neuro docs are created equal. I had to go thru a few to find one who knew from where he was speaking. You don't say where you are living, but perhaps someone here on the board knows of one in your area with whom they have had good results.

I have a copy of the Du Bois lupus book. I loaned it to my pulmonologist so that we were on the same page dealing with my lupus/lung problems. I really like my pulm doc and felt it was worthwhile to help him learn how to help me. Perhaps it would work for you with your GP as well.

Seriously, I would be on the phone to my rheumy first thing Monday morning, and make a pest of myself until I got a call back. Were this me, I would be seeking a neuro consult from your rheumy. I would also ask for an MRI to be done ASAP.
Good luck,
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