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Those of us in the US can help get additional legislative support for the Lupus Research, Education, Awareness, Communication and HealthCare -- Amendments of 2007 (H.R.1192) by e-mailing your state representative.

The below link walks you through a couple very easy steps, just enter your zip code and it takes you to your state rep. and has a letter all ready to be e-mailed (you can edit the letter if you like).[capwiz:queue_id]

Hope it works for you. :)

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Thank you very much. I entered my information and with any luck, it will go to where it needs to go. I get so frustrated to see all the support given to numerous other illness. While they are just as important, I feel totally left out and kicked to the curb. Someone somewhere needs to do something.


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Hi Jen,

Got to thinking yesterday that we needed more people to do this. I have now emailed all my friends and family to help. Most of them have done it and are passing it on to others.

Take care,
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