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I havent posted recently- been 'lurking' a bit tho!-
My story started 2007 with my gp finally deciding that my aches and pains might be due to something so took blood and refered me to rheumatology. bloods were not particularly exciting with ANA 'slightly' raised and a positive anti Sm. and raised RNPs and my gp said not to worry as many people of my age have that.
Since then I have had regular appts at rheum. clinic and she has me down for uctd and mild sjogrens. I am on Plaquinal and amitriptyline for night pain.What puzzled me was after my holiday last year I felt great but as soon as our damp cold winter set in my joints were very sore and I must have looked like an old lady getting up from my desk! However when my bloods were taken just B4 xmas they were very normal in fact at one point in the last few years my RF was high- that is now normal. In fact the only thing that is rising is the creatinlevel- not sure of spelling- this has been rising over the last few years but Iam not sure what that means?
Does the neg bloods mean the meds are working or does it mean I am just getting older!?? Also if blood is normal why do I still ache. and can I stop taking tablets yet? has anyone out there got any ideas.
I know I should ask gp but I am afraid that like many I tend to say when asked how am I doing "not too bad thanks, how are you?!!!!!!! and dont want to come across as a 'hypo'
Sorry for the long moan?
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