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Looks like so many of us are in pain this week

Hi Jenn! Count me in too!:sad: These past two days have been rather grippy for me. Took meds this morning and nothing. Even upped the dosage a mild bit and still nothing. And I am not a pain tolerant person. I can take mild pain but one it starts making me ball up in a chair all crunched up like an old lady then I know I need more help. So sorry to see you hurting so bad Jenn! I too feel like an addict. You may have to talk with your regular doctor and see if he can just RX you something stronger just so you can have a break from pain just a few days. I wished I could help you but really don't know what I could do! Just wish you my best and hope you feel better soon. :wink2:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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