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Hi Jenn

Sorry you are in so much pain, I can empathise. When I was taking amitriptyline for nerve pain I took the whole dose at night. It does help with sleep. However, I was on 75mg and after a while I became used to the level and was getting breakthrough pain. The doc switched me to dosulepin 75mg and that has kept the pain more or less under control for well over a year. I sometimes have to supplement with dihydrocodeine, though.

I hope the appointment comes soon for you. There are quite a few meds that are available for nerve pain, like gabapentin and neurontin and some other anti-epileptics (tegretol???) as well as the ami and dosulepin. I hope you can get the right combination to give you some relief.

Love Judi xx
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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