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Hello :)
To answer in the simplest terms : 1:80 is a ANA titre. The sign '< 'means 'below' and '>' means 'above'. The titre 1:80 is on the border line. It's up to your doctors to decide if further more specific tests should be done for connective tissue diseases of the lupus sort. Since you already had a high RF with a SED rate at the upper limit of normal, referral to a rheumatologist seems in order. If you don't already have one I suggest pushing for it to come through.

1: 80 is not significanty high. There are many reasons why it could be raised and in fact it might be temporary. On the other hand it might go up and the SED rate could too. All depending on the symptoms so a lupus like disease shouldn't be excluded in my non medical opinion.

Push for that rheumy referral and make your lists for the referral. Keep a symptoms diary because we tend to forget things, so you can see if there is any pattern to your symptoms. You will need to use it to make a summary of your symptoms how frequent they are and so on. It shouldn't be presented in diary form to the doctor. I suggest stop trying to diagnose yourself at this stage because so much depends on testing and expert examination - just read the articles on the info section of the site about symptoms, tests and diagnosis.

Cultivate calmness.

Bye for now
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