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Welcome Nat

I think one way or another we all can defiantely share your story of the family not getting it.My hubby always went to the rhuem with me once i changed rhuemetoilgist and she was like 90 minute drive away.He then did get it for sure but i think he did before but as he used tosay i dont know what to do for you.Meaning he wishes he could take away all the pain fatigue everything but it took me breaqking down and him finally opening up to.I used to go to a job wokring like fourty six hours in which it was a janitriaql job at the elementary school.It was very physical and still i dragged home and fixed supper abd toiok care of laundry and cleaning at our own place.I do not do all that anymore and unfortunatley i do not work anymore but at times sure wish i did.
Sorry telling my story lol but if you sit him down and tell him how you feel and that you need some help with things.Your daughter is probably actually scared and does not know what to say possible.Like everyone has said there is so much information on the computer but my rhueme gave me this book that best described lupus and my hubby did read it my kids did to but not right away.One thing is for sure you will always have such wonderful advice and people that generally understand you and support you in here.I am sure thing will get better for you real soon((((hugs)))).

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