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Hi NitNat,
sorry for your diagnosis.
And i'm sory that you are finding it hard to cope with family and stuff.

My husband has been really good but still there are times that it is apparent that he does not quite get things.

Were in town the other day and he had a few things to do and he i was trying to help plan the strategy. I am having real mobility probs at the mo and also get very flestered and confused when i'm out.

He commented that it woiuld take me ages to walk down the street and that if he did these things on his own he would have them done in no time.
For some reason i couldn't hold back the tears and just started crying i used to be someone that would get everything done quick time and super efficiently but just find things hard now.
I was more hurt because he said he wanted me go with him in the first place and that we would just take our time and get things done.
Anyway after the that the funny thing was that he dedcided he wanted to get an expresso and spent 25 minutes in the line waiting for it.i said even i could have walked to the otherr end of town in the time it took him to stand in that stupid line.
Anyway we made frinds, he complained that it is hard for him to adjust and through streams of tears i said do you think its any easier to adjust just because this is happening to me.I think he was shoced cause he'd probably always thought thayt it was!!
Everything was fine after that and i had lots of hugs and apologies!!!
Anyway the point is is that it is not easy to adjust and i understand it must be very hard for you when the people you are closest to in the world seem ike they are not really interested in learning about this huge things that has happened in your life. It makes you feel very lonely!
I started sitting at the computer and making those comments like ooohh, wow, thats interesting and its funny how people always want to know what is so intiguing and interesting!
Thats how i got my husband talking about things. He always listens now and seems quite interested in learning about things.

Hope things work out for you.

All the best

Cassie :)

Sorry about the spelling!!!

Yes and th kids need to adjust to, they need to understand and adjust theyre expectations of you and as they are older it won't do then any harm to help out with chores.
My older children do and get paid for their help so they get something out of it too!!!
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