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I am yet undiagnosed.
Ive been told i am crazy, so exploring that option i set out to cure my crazys.

went to the local mentel health went to the local psychietrist.

They said "hey your not crazy your in pain"

My generel practitioner has finaly admitted he has no idea what is wrong and has no clue how to find out or no inclanation to do so.

the following is a list of problems that make my life hard to live

TIRED-body pain worse in joints but all over-irritable bowl and bladder- side pain- pelvic paine- foggy brain-eyes that roll of there own accord-stomach pain- weakness-Did i mention tired. wieght gain only in my stomach are more like bloat than actual fat. thining hair and skin swollen ankles. I could go on and on.

I am still fighting even tho sometimes i want to quit. I atribute this to my faith in God! by the way I am so mad at him but i think he can handle it. Does anyone no what i can say to these Drs to get them on board to help me!?:p
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Hi Christina and welcome,

I am so sorry you were told you were crazy. If it's any consolation you are not the first to have heard that or had it insinuated. Anyway, I am also really glad to hear what the psychiatrist said!

If I were you, I would take advantage of what he said and ask your GP if something autoimmune might not be going on (without mentioning anything specific) and ask him to run an ANA test and a referral to a rheumatologist. You can ask for recommendations for a good doc here in the find a doc section.

Your ANA may already have been done and if it is negative it is sometimes very difficult to get anyone moving on such things. A good rheumatologist will, however, take more into account than that.

Other things that can be important are things like photographic evidence - if you have any skin rashes or very swollen joints, it's an idea to take a photo as they have a nasty habit of just disappearing the day you see the specialist.

The problem with things like lupus is that many symptoms overlap and symptoms could be casued by so many things. Your symptoms could be linked to something like lupus or another autoimmune disease and certainly merit investigation but these things are very complex and having a good specialist is very important especially when blood work doesn't support your symptoms.

hope that helps a bit,
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Hi Christina:)

Welcome to the forum.

What kind of investigations has your GP carried out to date? Have you had any blood tests? Xrays? Opthamology referrals? Gastrology referrals?

Do you know what the results of these were? If you do we might be able to help a little bit more.

Its also a very good idea to keep a record of your symptoms - a sort of diary. This can really help when you do get a referral to a specialist as its all too easy to forget things once they arent bothering us at the moment. Also if you are in pain, rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10 to give the doctor an idea of how bad the pain is.

If your GP is out of ideas then its time he referred you onto someone else in my opinion. Ask him about getting an Anti Nuclear Antibody test and a full blood count as well as ESR (to measure inflammation). These are just basic, first stage blood tests but the results may get you a Rheumatology referral and the experts can take it from there. Also ask your GP to test your thyroid function and your B12 levels while he is at it.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on

Luv n stuff
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Hello, wanted to welcome you.
Glad you are no longer having to chase psychiatric blind alleys.
x Lola
Hi Christina and welcome

My goodness I'm right there with you. Docs have just said that all my signs and symptoms are in my head so I know how you feel. The lovely people around here are fantastic and so supportive. I should know they've really come through for me at the moment.:)

Hope you're doing well and take care.

Mrs M
.s A M E

yeah this is exactly what im feelin my mum trys telling me the tummy pain(simalar to period pain) is a cyst on my ovaires.and other syptoms i suffer she reckons is IBS.
i feel like some silly experiment.
just wish theyd find help..
Propa guarenteed help.
Hi Christina I've experienced quite a few of the symptoms you have, but I was lucky a new GP started in my doctors and actually listened to what I was feeling, my rheumatologist is obviously very experienced but I found him a bit condescending to start with and I wanted to tell him to try and live with feeling shattered and run over all the time, the other messages I have read for you are from people who have obviously a lot more knowledge than me but I will learn, but hey isnt it nice to know your not on your own.
Hi Christina.
I'm sorry that you are feeling so unwell, and hope that you will soon be feeling much better.
The thing i have found out with having Lupus is that you must have a good G.P to help you, mine is fab but i woulden't have got the help if it was not for her.
Try and talk to your G.P and if they don't help you at all, maybe you could change doctors to one who would help you?
Hope that you are feeling well soon, and good luck, hope to here from you again soon.
Hi Christina and welcome to the board.

I sure hope you get a dx of something soon so that you can get on meds and start feeling a lot better.

I am sure you will love to be here. The folks are knowledgeable and very supportive too.

I am so sorry that your having health issues coupled with pain and fatigue but press forward until you get a answer.

Hope to get to know you better and please keep us posted.:wink2:
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