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Hi Cassie, sorry to hear you're so ill and without much relief yet. I am having the same kind of chest symptoms you described in your last post. I had this way back when I was first dx five years ago and it went away when I started on pred. I've been off prednisone entirely for .... I don't know how long. Maybe 7 or 8 months? And recently I'm going downhill. That chest thing has come back just over the weekend and now I'm going to the dr. at 4 today and I'm a tiny bit worried. Feels sort of like somebody hit me mid-chest. Not a sharp pain, but worrisome. And exhausting. I'm so tired, it's wearing me out to type. :lol:

I hope you find some answers soon and get on a good treatment. Actually, I hope the same for myself. ..... :eek::sigh::sigh:

Hang in there, we'll make it.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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