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Hi all!

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Hi everyone, new to site, awaiting an immunologists appointment (I think thats the name...its someone who apparently knows more about my blood test results than my doctor).

Am a little worried by all of this, no one can really tell me whats wrong or when its going to get better. The joint pain and the sleeping 14hrs a day is starting to ruin my fun, apparently my liver is doing some things that it shouldnt too. I get a rash on my face but its never there for more than a couple of days, I have all my hair and have never had pluracy (although i am short of breath alot these days). Any suggestions as to what it could be? can i have lupus with just the pain and sleepyness or could be something eles.
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Thankyou :) Got referal letter today, did say rhumatoid...ive not spelt that right...letter on other side of large room...sleepy now x x
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