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Hey Everyone... It has been awhile since i have posted anything.. but i do read this site alot.. and i am so glad it is always here...
I have been feeling very odd lately, I am not going back to my Rheumy until spring.. however i am going to see a Neurologist again at the end of this month.. My family doc started me on a Vertigo med.. that has helped alot.. at first.. it has been about a month on the med, they are called Novo Betahistine... it worked to start out with.. but now.. not so much.. I have always been so afraid to tell about these dizzy spells.. I am so afraid to lose my license to drive.. But these spells have made my life impossible. I have been having concentration issues, and depression. Has anyone been on this med???
Thanks and God Bless

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Hi edio,
Haven't heard from you in a while but i am so glad to see your able to post.
To answer your question i am no help. I didn't even know they had a med for vertigo. I had vertigo about 7-8 yrs ago and they only prescribed the pill for sea sick :lol: .
Don't be afraid to say what is going on. It's very important that your doctor know your symptoms. Your on the med for a month and it's not working as in the begining. It may not be helping some other problem that is additional to the vertigo. And it needs to be looked into. I know how you feel and your not crazy, I get frustrated when i can't get a diagnois and feel my symptoms are a mystery to doctors. Call your doctor and explain what's going on,he can't help if he doesn't know what your feeling.
How is your hearing? By any chance has that been checked into? I do hope you get some answers. Sorry i couldn't help.
:pixiedust: Florie
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