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Hi from Scotland

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Just a quick hello,

I've just joined and i hope to find out some new information and possibly give some in return.

My wife was diagnosed a number of years ago now with SLE and she's been one of the unfortunates that can't seem to keep this terrible disease under control.
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Welcome to the forum torrox and to your wife too.
I'm sorry she has been so severely affected and finding it hard to get it under control. I hope you have found a good specialist - there don't seem to be many in Scotland judging from what Scottish members tell us.
There's lots of information here and there's nearly always someone with similar experiences and always a ready ear.. Sharing can make all the difference to living as well as possible with lupus.

Bye for now :)
Dear Torrox, Welcome to you and your Wife,
I hope you find the information you need. Anything you need to ask, just ask!
x Lola
Hey Torrox and a big :welcome: to the forum for your wife and yourself! :)

I'm sorry to hear your wife's ilness is not under control at the moment; is she under the care of a rheumatologist? How does her lupus affect her? Is she on any meds for it?

I lived in Scotland for a while and had horrible troubles getting rheumatologist appointments; the waiting lists were unbelievable. Having said that, I don't know if all areas of Scotland are the same in that respect and I can say with certainty that the docs I did see a couple of years ago in Glasgow were wonderful and very helpful at the time.

If big waiting lists and/or trouble getting frequent rheumatologist appointments is a problem for your wife then a good GP should be incredibly helpful in trying to sort out between-specialist appointment troubles as smoothly as possible and in communicating with the specialists and making any changes to meds or ordering tests etc that might be needed. Good doctor co-operation and communication always helps! :)


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