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Hi Meryl and :welcome:

I'm gald you have decided to join us here! There is a wealth of support and information on this site and no-one should be without!

I'm astounded by that first diagnosis - how could they come up with something so different???? Maybe there are similarities we know nothing about - Weird and wonderful indeed!

It's great that your husband's so supportive, that means a whole lot. Mine has given up asking how I am - not out of lack of interest but because I asked him to :) He can see when I'm doing well. He's wonderful in that he remains optimistic even when I feel down but in a nice quiet way. He knows there's no "miracle" around the corner and doesn't expect me to to rush things.

Your GP's comment is not particularly helpful. I would think that most people with SLE are on medication, including those who are doing well and in "medicated" remission. On the other hand maybe he's just trying to motivate you in his own way, in saying that it is possible for some people.

I'm glad to hear you get good support from the practice nurse and the hospital registrar.

bye for now,
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