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:sad: :sad: HELLO, My daughter Kelly has been having test done to find out why she has been so sick and everything seems to point to Lupus but the doctor hasnt diagnosed her yet. She has had 2 positive ana test the first in 6/07 titer 1:160 then again in 1/08 titer 1:1280,headaches,rashes on chest,severe aches in her joints,sun & cold sensitive,fatigue,shortness of breath,c reactive protein of 27(normal is 0.49),RA of 14.6(normal is 0-13.9),severe mood changes,sleep difficulties and some other problems. The Rheumatologist is putting her on PLAQUENIL even though he says he cant make an official diag. right yet.I just want my daughter to not be in this constant pain that seems to plague her.Keep her in your prayers please...
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Hello there and a warm welcome to the site,

There are quite a few young members on the site and also some parents of young members.

It sounds like your daughter has been having a rather tough time but I'm glad to hear that she is near to diagnosis and most importantly that she has begun treatment.

Plaquenil is very much the first basline treatment given for lupus and some other auto-immune diseases. It is a very important drug in that it modifies the disease and can reduce the frequency and severity of flares. It's main disadvantage is that it takes quite a while to kick in, typically around 6 months. That can seem like a very long time to you right now but it is worth the wait and it is a drug that has little or no side-effects.

If, in the meantime, your daughter was suffering too many symptoms, the rheumy would be able to prescribe something else to help. Treatment nowadays often consists of a little cocktail of finely tuned drugs which can be adapted to the individual patients needs. No two people react in the same way either to the disease or the drugs.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, there are a lot of experienced caring people on this site who can be of great support and give very good advice.

bye for now,
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Hello, I have Lupus, so does my 17 year old daughter, fairly recently diagnosed. She has been pretty ill too. I hope we may be of some use to you.
x Lola
Hello and welcome,

I am sorry to hear your daughter has been so ill, but it sounds like she should be feeling better shortly now that she has begun treatment. Plaquenil can take up to 3 months for its full effect, but some people feel improvement sooner.

You will find so much information, support and friendship here. There is also a section where your daughter can post and exchange ideas with people her own age.

I hope we can help get you both through this trying time, and the plaquenil helps your daughter.

Kelly and Mom, Sorry to hear of your daughters illness, and, I hope the Plaquenil will help, although it usually takes a while yo have an effect. Praying for you both:)
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