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:sad: :sad: HELLO, My daughter Kelly has been having test done to find out why she has been so sick and everything seems to point to Lupus but the doctor hasnt diagnosed her yet. She has had 2 positive ana test the first in 6/07 titer 1:160 then again in 1/08 titer 1:1280,headaches,rashes on chest,severe aches in her joints,sun & cold sensitive,fatigue,shortness of breath,c reactive protein of 27(normal is 0.49),RA of 14.6(normal is 0-13.9),severe mood changes,sleep difficulties and some other problems. The Rheumatologist is putting her on PLAQUENIL even though he says he cant make an official diag. right yet.I just want my daughter to not be in this constant pain that seems to plague her.Keep her in your prayers please...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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