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Talliex;501154 said:
Hi I am new here also.I was diagnosed wit lupus 4 years ago and have just been diagnosed with crohns/colitis.I also have a hietus hernia:rolleyes:

I have been pretty sick lately so thought I would come on here and meet people who knew how I was feeling.I hope I can make lots of new friends:)

Look forward to speaking to you all soon.Hugs and well wishes Tallie x x x
Hi Tallie
It sounds like you are having a really bad time of it right now and just being diagnosed with chrohns isn't the most pleasant thing to pick you up!

I have had lupus since I was 19 - now 51. Had plenty of times in remission, recently I have commenced a serious flare, but the last serious flare was in 1999. So its not all bad. ((hugs))

Do take good care of yourself and I do hope to get to now you and the others better as I am new to the site too.

sending soft gentle hugs and lots of understanding
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