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Welcome to the family! You've found a good site, it's been a helpful place for me. When I was diagnosed many years ago I had no idea what Lupus was..but was glad my Doc. finally agreed I had something! No computer back then so I did go to a group meeting in my area. Didn't work too well for me, being male and all. I was the only guy and kinda felt a bit outta place, was a bit more of a girls club. Nice people, they welcomed me in, but I felt like I was intruding. You will not have that problem, so if you find a group, give it a try! I was thrilled when I got online and found these message boards. My first place was a board at the Lupus Foundation of America site. It was a great board, but they took it down suddenly and I spent quite a bit of time trying to find another that was as helpful as the LFA boards. Was pretty happy when I found this one.

Best Wishes,
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