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Best of luck with the change of meds - I hope that works for you. The steroids should help very soon. Have you tried any of the NSAID medications to help with the pain? Some people find them very helpful.

I have a young toddler too, and have thought the same things as you from time to time. I do my best to put on a happy face and act as normal as possible around her, but she knows already that sometimes we just have to play in my bed. She knows she has to bring things to me, instead of me going to her, etc. On the positive side though, she has probably learned a bit of independence, and picks up well by herself, and has learned some empathy too already I think.

As with anything, there are positives and negatives to each and every experience/situation in life. I've learned to look for both...

I hope you can find a group to meet in person with, I believe they can be helpful if well run. And if not, this is a wonderful forum and the chat room provides real time "talking" and can be good for some laughs even too!

Welcome :)
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