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Hi, My name is Steve and my partner has SLE

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Hi again! I'm trying to find out about SLE as my partner suffers from it. Don't suffer my self so it's hard to know what feelings or signs there are attached to it.
Can anyone help?


Ps. I'm a bloke so please make it "Noddy & Big Ears" stuff just so that both of us understand what your talking about
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Welcome to the forum Steve and Partner

I am a bit puzzled - do you mean that Partner has lupus and doesn't know what it is or how it is affecting them?
Since Noddy and Big Ears doesn't mean much to me ( I had a deprived childhood ) and won't mean anything to many of our members could you give a rough idea what developmental level we should be aiming at ?

There is readily understandable general information about what lupus is and how it affects people on the information section of this site, not to sound unhelpful just practical, then we can help with anything that is less clear.


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Noddy is a pre-school book series! It's also been a British television show. We've pretty recently had it on television here in the US. Kind of like the "See Spot Run" series. Very basic.

I'm thinking Steve needs us to make it simple as they are just beginning to learn the Lupus Language. I've noticed that you guys sometimes use some abbreviations for commonly used verbiage, and he (like me) probably doesn't know any of what to expect.
Hello Maggie
Initials certainly can be an irritating problem and I myself sometimes don't know what some initials are when they aren't part of the usual Lupus vocabulary. I try to only use initials after using the full term, like they do in the newspapers
It's rather like learning about any culture and its language isn't it. Little by little and with practice we build up the body of knowledge for our purpose.

This support forum complements the general information section of the site by giving people the chance to address their individual needs and share with sympathetic others who have similar experiences.

For basic information about lupus see for example 'Lupus FAQ' and the other articles on the info section. They are not written in any technical jargon and most people find they can learn to understand what might be unfamiliar but essential terms such as 'antibodies'.

Specific questions are best asked on the appropriate forum section and should be based on the member's own needs, not phrased as a survey question. " How can I help my partner " is a person based question expressing a specific need.
Steve, you wrote
"'s hard to know what feelings or signs there are attached to it.
Can anyone help? "

This is a question with vast and endless answers. What is your partner feeling ? What signs ( does this mean symptoms?) do they have?

It is hard to realise how many different ways people are affected by lupus but there is nearly always at least one person with similar experiences whether it is symptoms, their reactions to having a chronic disease and how their lives are affected.

So a better approach would be to have a focused think about what your difficulties are and let us know.

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Hi I'm new here too. Good for you for trying to find out more so you can support your partner!
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