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Not sure I have lupus, but I have had weird & not so wonderful symptoms for many years. I have a dx as having fibromyalgia, raynauds, asthma, vasovagal syncope & I recently found out I have heavy metal & toxic poisoning from carbon monoxide poisoning that I had years ago.

I'm in my 50's now, but when I was in my 40's I had a rash all over my body & 2 Doctors said they were bites. Those bites I had for 5 years & they covered my body with some on my arms & legs--nothing on my feet, hands, face or head. I even had my dogs checked & scraped to see if they had fleas or mange. The rash disappeared as quickly as it started.

I have been told some of my symptoms are similar to Lupus & MS.

I can no longer work & this damn illness has robbed me of many things. I only have half the life I had 2 years ago.

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Many symptoms

Hi Tapper
so sorry :(ou are having so many symptoms, and not really getting anywhere fast.

I too had a rash all over me for months when I was much younger, but with medication without d/x it went too. Having Raynauds, Sjogrens, and numerous other problems for many years, I went about my life and got through, as the breadwinner, and then ;)one.

You mention suspicion of Lupus and MS. Has a rheumy or other specialists helped you in further d/x, and been able to sort out medication for you, especially if you have not been able to work?

Being in a certain area, you may find lupie groups locally and online to help, others helping you to find specialists to help you in d/x. this site is caring, and packed full of information, and answers/suggestions :wink2:from moderators.

I am on the northeast coast of Australia, am a bit older than you, and have no local specialists :eek:to help, so I fly down south to find them online- rheumy, dermy, vascular, renal, ENT. It has been a long 2 years getting anywhere.
All the best in finding some answers
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