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Hi, Ticker here

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Just saying hello. New to board but not to lupus. Mine is mild after 13 years.

I am wondering about a very large rash on lower legs that comes and goes lately. Don't get rash on face but did get raised red blush before starting Plaqunil.
Getting no sun these days with all the rain and snow.:lol: Thanks for any ideas.
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Hi Ticker,
What you are describing sounds like a mild case of vasculitis. I would get in with your rheumy asap. I have this, and initially it started with blisters which formed from the inside out, not the reverse. Using a prescription steroid cream, and a longer dose of low level antibiotics helped when it was blistering. Watch that you don't get edema with this. It is nothing to mess with.
Thank you for the tip Sally. I will make an appointment Mon. I only see the ruhmy every two years normally but will go now.

Mine goes away in a couple of days only to return weeks later on both legs and was sore to touch only to disappear by the next morning. I guess I have gotten to cocky about not having to worry and assuming to much.
Hi Ticker

Welcome to the Forum. :) Sorry to hear your Lupus may be acting up again. Make sure you take some photos of those rashes because as sure as there are 24 hours in a day, I bet the rashes wont be there at your Rheumy appointment :rolleyes:

At least your Rheumy will be able to see them at their worst.

Best of luck and stay in touch. Nice to meet you.

Take care
Thanks Joan for the welcome!

Taking pictures is a great idea that I would not have thought of. :)
Hi ticker,
Welcome to the site, and hope to get to know you better if you come into the chat room. There is a tropic cream that I got from my old dermy that did seem to help me with the red rashes. You can ask your dermy, rhuemy, or gp for it. It is good that you are not getting any sun or it is because of snow and rain. I hope other than your rash you are doing fine.
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