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hi update

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Hi all don,t know where to start but here goes as most who know me it will be long lol as i have been off for a while
just thought i would update
pain management class has helped a bit ,try to explain struggling due to bad flare up at the moment ,
what i learned was when you understand that i was anyway in fighting it i was in a circle of pain anger and depression .
once i understood that i was turning off too much to the point that i was not even realising that some days or hours when i was having easer times
when things were a bit better and i was turning off so much and not nottincg it stop think ye maybe i am a bit better today notice it .
slow down .
any way don,t know if you get this i hope so .

had a hard last few months hubby had heart attack scary but on the up side got through it and it has got better he is on lots of new meds and a lot healther diet and exercise program which has helped a lot thankgoodness .
also my daughter is pregnant due end of october good news ecept she is back in house with us due to the fellow not been interested and not wanting baby sad my heart breks for her ,
but on the up side i am gooing to be a granma lol
a bit scared due to illness would be great if not so sick but hay will take it a bit at a time
had a lot of flar up this month due to sis acting up she is picking on everyone just now every word i say is wrong ,she has bad depressing problem can,t remember what you call it she turns off all together sometime it terrible but with this illness i am finding it harder to deal with
i try and support her as much as pos but ther is only so much a person can take .
it would be nice to here from anyone kind regards tink:tinker::flowery:
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Hi Tink
I wasn't around before when you were. Welcome back!
It is really hard coping with lupus when you have family problems, as I know.
Remember to make some time just for yourself, and let people try to solve their own problems once in a while I think. I hope things pick up family wise soon for you.
Pain management classes are good. I have been to them they really helped.
Welcome back Tink :)

You have had a hard and eventful few months. I hope things settle a little now and you can get some rest. I'm not sure babies fit in to rest but I hope you work out a way around that. I'm sure you'll make a great grandma :)

HI Tink,

I remember you:hug:.

Lovely to hear from you. I am so glad that you are coping better now and feeling stronger about living with all the hassles of chronic illness. Good for you:rose3:.

Congratulations on impending grannyhood. I hope that things go well for your daughter and that having 3 generations under one roof brings joys as well as the inevitable strains:blush:.


Hi all, nice to here from you .
Hi sara yes pain management turn out better than i thought i am glad i went ,i have missed a couple last month due to ill health but hope fully will get back.

hi,Katharine thanks for saying i will make a good gran ma i hope so i will try very hard ,but i realise its not going to be easy .
but there something about kids in your life they briten up our days
I am so looking forward and that helps as well
as we all know the depressing can get so bad with this illness you need company and something to look too.

Hi cath nice to here from you .
it sounds nice to here you say three generions lol old wow lol
we are keeping a eye on her just now due to high blood pressure but saying that it has settled at the moment 9 weeks to go lol
just hope i am not on say how tired i am when i don,t get my sleep and the pain has got bad ,probley will be lol
anyway will try and post what happens and what she has boy or girl ?
lots of best wishies to all be kind to yourself tink
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Hello Tink ! What a good surprise hearing from you and so upbeat ! You are right about the little ones being a joy - I think it's only a pity we have to have the kids before having the grandkids but I am in a bad mood with my daughter right now :hehe:
I'm really glad the pain clinic has helped so much. Try not to let people act unreasonably and take advantage of you although I know it's easier said than done. I know you are very kind hearted and some people you have get hard hearted towards for self preservation.
Sorry about your hubby as I can sympathise as mine has had serious health issues also under control now. He's not very good about being unwell either.

I hope all goes well with the baby - get some ear plugs :wink2:
Many hugs and all the best
Hi Tink there is nothing more happier than becoming a gran i have 4 grandsons the oldest 9 then the other 2 are both 6 then the latest one is 7months and what i will say is that even on my darkest days that when they walk in the door it gives me a lift they know that i dont keep well but the first thing that they say is hi gran how are you today and then the cuddles start.So i hope that you will get the same feeling when you become a gran Take a look at my 3 Take care Elisabeth
Hi Tink,

Thanks for the update. I am a newbie here and just dx with Lupus so I am hanging around with these wonderful folks and learning more everyday about this wonderful disease.:hehe:

Nice to meet you and hope the pain management gets even better for you.
Hi Tink, thanks for the update. Boy o boy do you have your hands full! Sounds like you need a rest, especially with a baby due soonish. They have no sense of time, schedule or rest. Babies are on just about all the time. As for your sister,I'm sorry you have to be a target for venom, but it sounds like she's suffering too.

Clare, don't know if I can buy the water, but lots of places in the little town of Soap Lake sell salt candle holders and light fixtures. Hmmmmmmm.

Hey, catch you all later. Time for another nap. :lol:;)

Hi Tink,

Thank you for the update. You have been going threw a lot. It is good to hear that your hubby is doing good after his heart attack.

Being a Grandma is so awesome.:bigsmile: My first little grand baby is going to turn one in a few weeks. They have a way to make a persons day a whole lot brighter. They are truly a wonderful blessing.

Take care, it was great hearing from you. Let us know when that precious bundle comes, please.


Hi tink :bigsmile: it's lovely to hear from you again.

I'm sorry to hear about your hubby :( but glad things are on the up and up with him.

Congrats grandma :p like Clare said get some ear plugs :lol: It will be a great experience for you all and you get to have baby cuddles :love: :)

I'm also sorry to hear about your sister :( remember to care for yourself Tink, there are times when it's detrimental to our own health to be trying to do too much. You have your hubby, daughter and impending grandchild to think of and that's enough on anyone's agenda.

Take care and stay in touch,

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gosh Hi all thanks so for all the replys

well the stress has got to me and the light senativaty has got a lot worse
got my eyes tested need new reading glasses plus darker sun glasses
but what is happening with thease shops its like blackpool lights at xmas as far as i am concerened lol can,t sleep due to pain in face from trying glasses on and floresent lights in shops so bright anyone else getting it
same last week we had a day out and my face was so painfull at night afterwards and i had my hat and sunglasses on .
well i got my reading glasses there ordered but i still have my sunglasse to get ,i am dreading it ,i am going shoping less and less .

Hi, clare lily nice to here from you all
i am looking forward to new baby just had the nursary painted and new carpet put in its lovely just waiting on the cot coming we picked peach and pale green colours with white .
gosh the prams are expensive lol 500 pounds and upwards depends on what you pick.
my daughters on count down now lol i thinks shes fed up going to the bathroom every two mins ,you forget about that side of things don,t you .
lov tink
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