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due to bad reacions from lights and stress from family members my hubby lost it with me tonight and i don,t blame him
because if i am struggling with the stress i guess he must be as well
but it just seems hard enought without him losing it at me as well
my reaction to lights puts me in a mixed up can,t think strait mood and it can take me longer to answer questions but people and hubby won,t wait for reply and he answers for me .
i know he means well but i feel like a child and get embarresed by it with other people ,also i am begaing to wonder how long it is taking for me to reply as to me it seems like mins but he says i just stand there looking lost
i tryed to talk to him about it tonight but he took it the wrong way
i have had so much with my sis this last week i just can,t take much more
i feel as time goes by they don,t want to listen any more
but also feel the illness is geting a bit worse will need to tell g p and hosp doc next time i go tink

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Hi Tink,

The more tired I am the more problems I have with my speech. It takes me longer to decipher what the other person has said and to come up with a response. Sometimes I can't get the words out or if I do they are not right. It can be so frustrating and embarrassing. In an effort to make things easier for me my husband started finishing my sentences and looking to me for confirmation. It has lessened the stress of speaking with others for me.

I doubt your husband is trying to embarrass you, it is most likely just the opposite. When I have bouts of this it really concerns my husband because he knows the disease activity has once again increased. In an effort to lessen his worries we don't discuss Lupus much. I rarely discuss it with my family either. Unless you are going through it it is hard to understand. That is why I enjoy coming to the site. People here understand your frustration. You can be open and honest with your feelings.

Definitely mention what is happening to the doctor on your next visit. Mine was able to give me a couple of tips with my speech along with a medication adjustment to get the Lupus better in control.

Take care,
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