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hi all hope u all doing ok hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

just thought i try talling as i dont much
i was dx 3 weeks ago copeing with dx ok yeah wised i didnt have sle but dont we all since being dx alittle frustrated as on meds but i understand there slow work but dealing with it did have 3 bad weeks today is the best day felt in the 3 weeks take plaq and naproxen

i know when i was undiosied alot of ppl thought i was just mad there was time i even tho i was so i understand how others did lol

i see someone today that i havent seen in ages they asked how i was doing and i told them i got dx as they know i was ill before and they asked what i got dx with and i told them and they answered least u not got ms i just replayed yeah and then she had to go i know ms is bad as i know someone who has ms but at the mo there doing good on there meds thank god but i wised no one had anythink i understand alot of ppl dont understand lupus i was one of them untill it was said i might have it but turthy i only found out about cos i was ill

i not sure if ms is worse or just diffrent but all i know anythink is not nice to have

hugzz w3nDi:p
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Hello, Wendy,
Yes people do say silly things and when you are newly diagnosed they can really hurt. When you have adjusted a little more you will find it easier, most of the time at least.
x Lola

Hi Wendy

First of all welcome to the sight.I am sure glad you did get a diagnoses and sure hope you find lots of imformation in here to help you out.I love it when i tell people i have lupus there first thing they say is wow really you look so healthy :mad:.They do not mean to be so ignorant to the lupus diagnosis but there is jsut not enough imformation out there for people to understand what it means to have lupus and the roller coaster adventure of having it.

I sure did enjoy chatting with you inchat and sure hope we get the chance again:).i sure hope real soon the meds start helping you with the pains and fatigue(((huigs))).

oh bless i know what your saying, but look inless you have a big plaster on your leg/arm and someone can see it and say oh what have you done, they never gonna get it, just like you said you didnt until you got it your self,

thats why we all have each other on here to help us when one of us is down in more ways than one, its a great site .Don't let it get to you,
i know ppl to with ms i use t work with someone and No its a horrible thing to have really it is, but so is something like this when it effects you so bad and makes your life missirble, Don't take to heart

we here for you ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))) Lin xxx:hug:

I am glad that you found out what you have so they can treat you as best as they can these days. You are right about the people and that they really don't understand the disease, to be honest I did not know what it was until the doc came in and said I have it. My reply was ok give me a pill and get rid of it. I guess you could say I was stupid of what it was. I have learned a lot about it since than and try to be supportive of all that find they have it too. Not sure this all helps you any but at least you have peace of mind knowing what is causing you to be sick now.
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