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hi my names Bex, im 22 and live in cornwall, Uk :thumbs:

iv not yet been diagnosed with lupus but many of my symptoms seem similar.
iv been ill for the past 8 months and have had to give up work and deffer uni for a yr :(
im really struggling at the moment as iv seen a few specialists so far -
Immunologist - diagnosed possible Chronic fatigue
Endocrinologist - didnt know what was wrong!?

My gp suspect Chronic fatigue but says she has a niggling feeling theres another process going on. Im starting to get really down as im not getting any better and getting no answers either :worried:

Iv posted in the 'Not yet diagnosed' forum under 'Opinions Please', Id be really grateful of any advice
Bex x x x x:wink2:

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Hi Bex,

I'm sorry you are not getting better and that you had to defer your uni.
I hope you have family support to look after you.
The only advice I have is, don't give up. Keep searching,, even if you have to see other doctors.
I think a lot of us have gone through the process of seeing one doctor after another without any answers. I know i have. I've had many tests and seen so many different doctors to find out months later that i have lupus.
When you do find out you will probably feel happy yet scared at the same time. Happy you finally got a diagnosis and scared because you don't know what is coming next.
Stay strong,,, keep pluggin and you will receive and answer and help soon.

Take Care
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