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My name is Hannah, im 25 and ive been having medical tests for the last 3 months. My docter thinks i might have lupus- but waiting for tests to come back to confirm.

It all started about a year ago when i started getting really tiard. Then this June i went on holiday with my family. Almost as soon as i got off the plane i started bleeding from inside my tummy. This continued for two days and then cleared up. However i still had alot of pain.

My GP refered me to a gastroenterologist. A couple of days before my appointment i developed a fever and really severe cramping in my abdomen. It was at this time that my joints started hurting. Fliting pain between different joints. No swelling or readness in my joints though. It was difficult to walk (i thought because of the pain in my joints and tummy).

The gastro was really concerned incase i had an abcess in my abdomen and he thought at that time i had crones. He said he wouldnt take me into hospital as long as my mum stayed at home to look after me. He also arranged for emergency CT scan the next day and a colonoscopy 4 days later.

So, the colonoscopy was horrible. Glad thats over! and there was no indication of crones or any other inflamitary bowl disorder. The CT scan also didnt identify anything wrong with my abdomen- but it did show i had some fluid on my lung.

The gastro told me to take two weeks off work to recover and then i should be better. He said he thought id had an infection that would go away soon.

A month later and my tummy was better, but i was still exorsted and the joint and muscle pain had gotten worse. Its now been three months and i can hardly walk at all. Ive got a wheelchair from my GP, but its a self-propell and it makes me too taird to push it for more than a few mins. Im so tiard. I cant stay out of bed for more than about 4 hours. I get bad muscle spasms and my joints hurt. Also, my eyes get dry and sting. Its also hard to concentrate for long amounts of time.

Ive had bloods taken and I have a raised ESR (but not CRP) and elevated plasma viscosivity.

Im waiting to get my ENA test back. But i dont have a rash or many of the other symptoms of Lupus.

Has anyone ellse had a simular experience?


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Hi Hannah and welcome.

The trouble with lupus is that it is a great imitator of other illness. That is why it is so hard to get diagnosed. Here is a list that the doctor looks for.

Has your GP ever mentioned about referring you to a rheumatologists? You would need one that knows and understands lupus. Not all rheumatologist know lupus.

I am sorry that you are having troubles at the moment.:(

Have a look around the site and post questions.

Take care,
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