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high pulse.......

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what can this mean, ive been to the doctors and they know its there but dont seem too concern. what should a normal pulse be? 65 or can a pulse of 90 be normal. most of the time is between 80 and 90. today it was 106

my blood pressure looks fine but my pulse is always this high.

today my sister came over to visit picked her up at the train station, went to the market, made a lasagna, kept going like the energizer bunny:lol::lol:

i was surprised i didnt get fatigue. but when i sat down to rest my pulse was 106. wow i dont remember ever having it that high. thanks for putting up with me.:):):)
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and oh yeah, i forgot to add that it remained like that for a good 2 hours.

i havent had a normal pulse of 65 in months.
Hi Sushi :hehe: I just wanted to say my pulse is always very high over 100 and my blood pressure is always normal when i get it done at appointements. The nurse sometimes mentions its pretty high but nobody seems too concerned.. Oh and by the way on Wikipedia is says a normal pulse range while resting is from 60 -100 :)
fast pulse

Hiya.. I have a much higher pulse these days than I used to. Whilst nursing an average pulse was about 76bpm, I used to have a resting pulse of 65 but since all this it is around 80-90 especially when on steroids, which can affect it. In a flare it goes to 130 and that is the only time Drs have taken any notice of it. Often the lower my BP the higher the pulse... poor body! :rotfl:
Hey sushi

My Heart rate is usually between 80 - 100 sometimes it is a little faster, I have had some nights when I have got into bed and it has been racing like a train (never too pulse rate - maybe I will next time). Before I was diagnosed my BP got to 136 / 98 so they stopped me having the pill and put me on the injections. it has now come down to 113/85. People who are fitter tend to have a lower resting heart rate thought so they would be in the region of the 65.

This morning my heart rate is 100. Keep and eye on it and if you are worried speak to your doctor about it they can always do and ECG to check your heart out.

As far back as I can remember, elem grades, I have had a pulse rate in the triple digits. I was excused from most gym because I could not control it, and the doc was worried about it going beyond a safe zone and no way to slow it down. They even tried using dexadrine---stimulant to slow it down, only thing that did was to give me a migraine... [My brother's druggie friends were envious that I got the drug they wanted...and I didn't want it!] I have also found that when my pulse is up, my bp is usually lower. I have learned to just take it as it comes and to not worry as long as it stays in "my normal" zone.

Lupus and its "hangers-on" can do a lot of things to the body, and it is a totally systemic thing. Trust your knowledge of your body and it you are feeling ok, then go with it.
i am so happy to have found this site. im never gonna stop talking about how this site has really helped me so much.

thank you all for all your experience on this and for your advise.:):):)
think a lot of ppl can have highish pulse, try not to stress about it, mine is over 90, even when bp is ok, if it is to bad im sure your gp will say soemthing, about it, or your rheumy will make notes when you go for your check up.

chin up Lin xx
my pulse rate is generally around the 120 - 135 mark resting, blood pressure is normal :s I've had ecg's etc. but they've all been normal
My pulse used to be about 50 but it's gone up to 95-100 at rest since I was diagnosed. My GP and Doctor don't seem to be worried about it but I know how alarming it is if you've been used to having quite a slow pulse!! I paniced that there was something wrong with my heart and phoned my Doctor but he reassured me that there was nothing to worry about.
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