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hmm work....

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HI everyone.

Haven't been so well. I wish I could do some answering on these posts and say hello and give some support. I hope to do that soon. I miss everyone here. But I do pray daily for you all.

My son's situation is enough stress for one individual. That is a lot to deal with right now. We have made some difficult choices that I must swallow.

But besides that, we talked about laying me off yesterday :sad: I have been here for 11 years. I don't know if there will be a call back date after holidays or not. Kind of talking to me in circles.

So I am very stressed about that and I can start to look for a job, but my profession is slow right now and no one hires the end of the year.

THe other thing is "what do I do about the florescant lights?" They are everywhere. I certaintly cannot go and interview and say you have to remove your lights if I work her. But I can't not go for a job because of that. What do I do? Those lights are in all offices. That is my biggest worry.

My hubby worries about my health more. Because of the lights and I may go to the city which would make my work day 12 hours with commute included. I did that before for one year and could not do it. But if that is where the work is, I must go.

Too many stresses these days. But I know that others suffer too and I know that others have worse things happening in their life. So I thank my lucky stars for what I do have in my life.

Hope all is well .
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Hi Paula,

I am sorry to hear about your job situation. I will be sending good vibes that there will be a call back after the holidays.

You have been struggling so with your health lately I think you need to honestly look at your situation. A 12 hour day with a stressful commute is going to be difficult. You are barely hanging on now. If nothing is available in your area in your field, maybe you should look to another field that could use your business experience. It isn't always knowing everything about the other field that is important. Sometimes it is being the right person that can adapt and bring in fresh ideas or skills that companies are looking for.

You might also consider part time work. If you were working fewer hours then the addition of the commute wouldn't be as difficult.

Have you considered not working and seeing if you can get the Lupus under control?

Take care,
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dear paula, sorry for what is happeing to you, but be careful and look after your self, 12hrs sounds a lot,

thinking of you all hugs Lin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Your in a tough spot. What kind of work do you do? Maybe you can do contracting work from your home???

I am sorry your dealing with all of this on top of not feeling well. I think part time may be the answer here along with protective clothes that might help with the lighting.

Let us know how you make out moving ahead. Sending hugs your way.:wink2:
Dear Paula, You have always done plenty to help and encourage others, so don't worry that you can't do this now. We need to look after YOU!
I am totally finished with working and I thoroughly admire and wonder at those girls who still can. I really wish you could finish with it.
Oh boy.

Well it is official. I have lost my job of 11 + years.

I will weigh my options. I am well known in the area and very marketable.

I am just very concerned about the office lights and the stress that losing a job and finding a new one comes with. Also my options for travel are my concern and I understand all that you say.

Oh boy........ more stress my way.

No sleep last night, major worries, and I have just packed up boxes from my work and can hardly hold back the tears.

Oh boy, oh boy, boy.
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Dear Paula, You must feel very hurt.
Take Care,
x Lola
I am sorry to hear that you are having a rough time right now, it seems to be everywhere I look these days. You have so much coming at you at once is there a way to step back and deal with one thing at a time? As for the lights you may have to wear sun screen at work (you will be the best smelling person year round at work) lol. I know loosing a job is not a joke but was hoping to see a smile on your face. If you need to talk I am here. Wishing you the best.
(((((((((((((((((Paula)))))))))))))))))))) im sorry hun, i know you must be going through sheer h**ll right now, please try not to get to stressed, easy for me to say i know.

take care hun Lin xxxxxxxxxx
Dear Paula,

I hope tomorrow, brings a better day to you. I am sorry, that your going through so much now.

I wish, I could do more..for you.

So sorry to hear of these developments. I must say yet again how much I admire those like you who can keep working despite the autoimmune disease(s). You deserve a medal!
Paula (((((hugs)))))

What a terrible shock for you. Im really sorry to hear about your job. 11 years is a long time to be working somewhere. I can totally understand how gutted you must feel :worried:

I hope to goodness you can find a new job as soon as possible that will suit your needs and continue to bring you a decent income. Maybe something with a little less hours might come along. I will say a prayer that it works out for you and yours.

Luv n stuff
Gee Paula,

Thats really tough:(. They cut your job just like that - no notice time, no severence pay or lump sum? Is that legal?

I'm reallt sorry. That is the last thing you needed:(.

I hope that you can find another (better) job quickly.


Paula, that is really tough, I am sorry that things are so difficult for you at the moment, try to be especially good to yourself at the moment, I do hope things work out for you quickly x
I am so sorry and I wanted to check in on you to see how you are holding up.

I hope today finds you doing a little better.:wink2:
Hi Paula,

I am so sorry to hear about all your troubles. Things are tough right now, but I do think they will start looking brighter soon. Get your resume out there and I am sure that you will be able to find something suitable. I know how tough things are when the stresses come our way, but we just have to find a way to muddle through them. I wish you all the best and I will keep you in my prayers.

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