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Seeing as we have a few topics flying around, thought members might like to add to this one.

What sorts of hobbies do members have?

My main hobby is card making - challenging myself to make cards for all occasions and from many different textiles etc.


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I have the exciting hobby of collecting stamps :woohoo: :yahoo: Karly

the other things I learn about and collect:
ink bottles
quill pens
letter openers
ink blotters (paper advertisement)
first edition envelopes with themed stamps
post cards
glass fishing net floats (anitque)
And I :love2: writing letters to my friends

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My hobbies are making bracelets. I have made several that are in honour of those with Lupus and have donated the money to a Lupus research organization. Not sure if I can mention names or not so I will play it safe. If one of the mods comes on here, please let me know.

My other big hobby is cooking. I love to research new ingredients and find a way to use them. My family appreciates this hobby of course.

I also have a love for Longaberger baskets as a walk thru my house would see. They are in every room and are definately in use. I so want to go out to Dresden, Ohio and tour the factory and oh my just relax. I even promised my hubby that I would leave my wallet at home. He called me a liar.:lol: :lol:

I also collect old pottery and yes I use SOME of them, especially in my cooking. I feel the taste, the mixture of ingredients, etc make a better meal, some may argue. This makes my kids fairly nervous which means that they leave me alone....heehee, my plan.8)

Now my other little hobby that drives my hubby crazy is the fact I LOVE to collect purses. He is sure that if I had the money back that I spent on them that we could put our kids thru college without any financial aid. I think he is exaggerating a little. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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Haha Nancy, I have to say, I wish I could be so enthusiastic about cooking but my hobby there is being cooked for!!!

As to the others

Horseriding and training (on hold)
Aikido - black belt (on hold)
walking (sedately now)
training my dog in obedience and agility (hard but I'm trying to keep up)

I used to collect coins as a child but my collection was stolen and now we have a house that is already too small for the six of us and we have a "if you don't need it, chuck it" policy :lol:


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Hi beanbag mines at the moment is taking computer classes.And my other one is my grandchildren i love to see them even when i am not at my best as they never fail to make me happy.One of them last week said to me when i was speaking to TJ gran he knows it is you that is speaking to him as TJ was smilling when i was saying where is grans baby Elisabeth:) :) :) :)

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donated the money to a Lupus research organization. Not sure if I can mention names or not so I will play it safe. If one of the mods comes on here, please let me know.
There's absolutely no reason why bona fide national lupus support or research organisations shouldn't be mentioned on the forum.

If anybody isn't sure about a topic or a mention, please PM us beforehand.

For the Moderators

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I guess my favorite hobbies are planting flowers, spending time with my family , talking on the phone, collecting clothes and shoes, playing with my animals and talking to my friends in chat on here. Does eating count as a hobbie?:)


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Great thread!

I used to SCUBA dive, but Dr made me stop...:cry:

Cooking is definately a hobby I enjoy, I too like to research new ingredents and try them out. I have hubby pick the "secret ingredient" for each day, then I surprise him with a meal. (Unlike Iron Chef - I only use it as the focus for one dish..)

I read, surf the internet, and watch forensic TV.


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I love to try almost anything new.
I have my tried and true favorites.

Drawing and Painting
Gardening when I can do it
Cooking..mostly baking
I loved to camp and hike
I love to go to parks and bird watch and see children play
I love spending time with my family and best husband
I love to make beaded jewelry too..but, havent lately

Have fun!:lol:


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I enjoy collecting wind chimes. I have a large yard and a tree called bottle brush. I have different wind chimes all around it. I also started hanging bird feeders and watching all the pretty blue jays,cardinals,wood peckers and so on.
I enjoy gardening when i am up to it. I planted squash and they just started to show up under the leaves.
I enjoy doing word search to sit and relax with at night.

And of course my hubby sitting out side with a cup of coffee just chilling.
I love garage sales, I always pick up something for the grandchildren.

I enjoy my computer and chatting on the lupus site.
hugs , florie:rose:
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