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Holiday advice?

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I'm off on holiday for a month next week (woop!). Unfortunately my last dose of rituximab doesn't seem to have done much (or hasn't kicked in yet, if I'm feeling optimistic...) I've been limping for the past few days because of the pain in my knees, I've got a lovely malar rash etc etc. I can't go back on aza because my wcc was knocked out by the cyclo I had with the rituximab, so my only options are steroids and painkillers at the moment.

So - any tips on avoiding getting worse while I'm away (not going isn't an option!). I've got lots of high factor suncream, more steroids than I need just in case, enough painkillers to sink a horse, a hat (but I might get one with spf - any suggestions?), and comprehensive travel insurance. Am I missing anything?

Cheers :hehe:
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Hi Fairy

Just wanted to wish you a great holiday!!!!

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