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Hi Squeaky,

I look to the clothing customs of the people of the middle east for sun protection - arabic style long loose layers that cover completely but still allow for air to circulate. After all the heat there is probably the highest anywhere in the world. Also I just like the exotic fashion:wink2:

Black provides the best UV protection, but white absorbs the least heat, so I experiment with both - a black underlayer with a white top layer to reflect the heat.

Don't forget your head and face and eyes - a broad brimmed hat, long wrap around scarf or shawl and good quality sunglasses with uvA and uvB protection.

And your first layer of protection should be a generous layer of factor 50+ sunscreen lotion.

I even went swimming dressed like this, and although one woman asked me why (and got a mini lecture on lupus!), I survived the sunny mid west Australian sun during our last holiday.8)8)8)

Enjoy yourself,

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