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Hi there,

I get night sweats pretty regularly but seem to go through phases of it. They seem to be linked to worsening disease activity and I got them long before being on any meds so know they're not linked to that (in fact they have reduced since being on meds). I don't get them after lying down but often a couple of hours after and they wake me in the middle of the night.

I also get incredibly hot and start sweating for no particular reason if I go into shops or offices that are not cool. It is most embarassing and a pain knowing that you look like a one of the three little pigs being slowly spit roasted :lol:
I haven't found a thing to help except choosing my clothing very carefully and always staying cool.

I have no idea what causes either and know absolutely nothing about the automnic nervous system??? I'd say with me it's a sort of thermostat thing. I seem to be terribly temperature sensitive. I react very very quickly to being slightly too hot and equally quickly to the cold. I spent my five days in Ireland being cold - land of the sideways rain and all those drafts!! Anyway, it means I am very often too hot or too cold and have trouble being just right.

sorry, can't help more,
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