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Hotel near London Bridge Hospital ?

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Hello Annie :)

She is trying to look lightly at all probs of getting there, ie flying from Belfast, getting Oxygen sorted etc. Could anyone suggest a hotel very close to the [London] Bridge hospital? Thanks in advance, Anne
It's good to hear your sister's organising her London trip. I have posted your enquiry separately here in the hope of getting a response from somebody who has the experience.
I suggest you send a private message or email to Bex_Surf who made this trip recently.

I am sure that the London Lupus Centre which is at that Hospital can help out with hotel suggestions.

All the best
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Here's a link to the list of nearby hotels from the London Bridge Hospital website

You can also Google Map to get an overview of the whole area

(St Thomas and the NHS Louise Coote Lupus Unit is Westminster Bridge.)

Alex I am sure AnnieMac will be pleased to hear from you. :)

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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