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How does your rhuemie react if you seek other opinion

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Hi I am sreiously considering going to Lodon Lupus Centre for 2 nd opinion. I'm just trying to juggle finances around to justify it. But I was wondering how NHS rhuemie react to you after you've seen a private one. I'm not sure why I'm worrying abut his feelings but it's making me feel funny. Will he be off with me in 6 months in when I see him and will it add more fuel to his believe that it's all in my head?
I recieved a copy of his letter to my GP and it said he has tried to reasssure me I have nothing serious or disabling.
But it affects my everyday life and sometimes this thing is disabling as walking can be a nightmare. At the moment I'm actually feeling better than I was and back at work but I also know this thing has n't gone and will come back.
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