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How does your rhuemie react if you seek other opinion

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Hi I am sreiously considering going to Lodon Lupus Centre for 2 nd opinion. I'm just trying to juggle finances around to justify it. But I was wondering how NHS rhuemie react to you after you've seen a private one. I'm not sure why I'm worrying abut his feelings but it's making me feel funny. Will he be off with me in 6 months in when I see him and will it add more fuel to his believe that it's all in my head?
I recieved a copy of his letter to my GP and it said he has tried to reasssure me I have nothing serious or disabling.
But it affects my everyday life and sometimes this thing is disabling as walking can be a nightmare. At the moment I'm actually feeling better than I was and back at work but I also know this thing has n't gone and will come back.
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Go for it.

Hello, I was diagnosed MCTD in Nov 08 and wanted to find out all I could about the disease so subsequently went to The Lupus Clinic in London where I got informative advice. They did a few blood tests and I said I was paying privately as my health insurance wouldn't cover me for two lots and so the bloods cost around £500 plus the Consultation which was around £200 or a bit less. My original Rheumatologist was quite happy for me to go, I just wrote to him after the event when I realised that the Lupus Centre needed to inform my Rheumy the results of bloods and Consultation etc. I e mailed my Rheumy to say I had rung them to find out more and they had invited me up for a chat (!)... and when I was there they suggested a few bloods... easy! I have to admit that my original Rheumy has been very helpful and given good solid advice throughout so I have opted not to go back to the Lupus Clinic in London for regular appts but I would go back if I needed to make any decisions to get as many viewpoints as possible. I think you have to be sure in your mind that you have explored all the avenues open to you and with that in mind put lots of energy.. if you can find any,:) into finding out what is happening with your health, it really is the most important thing you have... don't worry about your Rheumy, your body is more important and if he is a true professional he won't mind being questioned and if, like mine it is confirmed then he can feel smug for a while!! I wish you well on your quest, remember you know yourself better than anyone, so do whatever you need to... and be sure to value that on your journey as many may doubt you.
Hope that helps!!
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