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Hi Willow,
This is very interesting.
I am type 1 diabetic since i was 2yrs so 28 yrs now.

I started to get my joint problems and fatigue in sept/oct last year. My thyroid function was fine in dec.

Then i got really bad fatigue throughout Jan /Feb and just when i thought i was about to die my thyroid function was checked again and my tsh was really high and now have hashimotos.

My endocrinologist even said for it to get that bad that quickly was very unusual and he was quite surprised by the test results!

I now think that the illness i have now was what instigated my thyroid problem as it happened so quickly.

Saw rheumy in april who suspected sle and then bloods have now indicated mixed connective tissue disease which i am waiting to have confrimed.

Also ahve loads of other symptoms.

But i now have 3 autoimmune diseases. Very strange.

Also if you have underlying endocrine weakness such as diabetes, thyroid or adrenal gland problems then you are much more likely to develope other autoimmune diseases f the connective tissues.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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