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I'm just wondering, I've been diagnosed for 3 years & until this past month have not really had the rash on my face at all. Sure, I'd get spots here & there, but not really the butterfly rash that everyone talks about. Well, I had a really bad flare last month which threw me in the hospital even. I got the rash on my face, neck, arms. It went away, but now the rash on my face is returning I have noticed and I'm just wondering, when you all get this rash, is it there for a long time? What do you do to get rid of it? Do you think it is something that will always be there now every day or does it come and go?

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Hi Erin,

My rash comes and goes. It is triggered by sun exposure and increased disease activity. Mine is very light so I don't do anything for it other than make sure I apply sunscreen. Maybe someone else will come along with some helpful tips.

Take care,

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Try a derm. they seem to help and if you get the right one they are like having god on your side. My derm. retired and now I'm just stuck telling my rhemy what to do. Best to you.
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