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I found it very intersting reading this thread because in the last year I have put on 1 stone and have been on steroids since last May in differing doses.

All in all, since I became ill, 10 years ago (dx only 3 years ago though) I have gone from a size 10 to a size 14/16 and put on over 3 stone in weight which I mentally cannot take so much so that I have had to have counselling about it from my GP. Only 3 years ago before they put me on the plaquinel I was 9st6lb and now Im over 13 stone!

I agree that us lupies are not as active as others but I also feel from my own experiences are that it is something to do with the medication I take that keeps me "fat". I do pilates (on a machine which is more gentle on the joints) most days so I do have good muscle tone now and although I do have a major problem with my heart at the moment which makes me breathless for some reason I would say I am quite fit. Im not 100% sure which drug is causing the problem but I would point my finger at the pred being one of the culprits.

I have also been a patient in St Thomas Pain Management Input Clinic 2 years ago (4 weeks inpatient residential) which was of great benefit to me and ultimately in turn, my family.

I've just had to learn now to accept that this is the way I am for the time being (although it has taken quite some time) and that one day, maybe, I may lose this excess water/fat or whatever it is. My Counseller taught me to do things to make myself feel better about myself; I give myself manicures (my nails are the best part of my body lol!!! and people are very envious of them ) shame they dont want the lupus as well (lol), I enjoy reading in the shady garden and watching the birds (simple things please me now) and giving myself "strokes" to make myself feel better. "Strokes" are positive thoughts/actions which make me feel good and this seems to be working on my tired fed up brain.

Before I was dx with sle etc, I had major thyroid problems and was on steroids back then. I know I went up to a 14 (probably around 12 stone) and did get back to my 9.12stones after I had been off the steroids for a while. Because I was undx with sle but symptomatic, I did not do much exercise at all or adjusted my diet, the weight just came down by itself. So I hope and pray that when I finally get off them this time round things will sort themselves out and my body will go back to a more normal size for me (whatever normal is now!).

Well that's enough from me for now. I hope this has been of help.

I know that everyone who are on steroids gets both the good the bad and the ugly and I wish you all good wishes.

Julia x:)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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