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Hi Everyone,

This is my first time posting.

I was finally diagnosed in July 2005 with SLE at 45 although it would seem I have been suffering for the last ten years.

My problem now is my job of 20years who never had a problem but now it would seem are finding me surplus to requirement because of my chronic fatigue and joint pains, not to mention trying to use the keyboard with Raynaulds.

They have tried the irregular attendace, offered illhealth retirement, which was then turned down, now they are trying to put me in a lower paid job.

I am now talking with my union reps about an ET.

All I asked for was a couple of days homeworking!!!

Has anyone any ideas as to how I can get around this with out over stressing myself. It would be gratefully appriciated


Lorns xx:
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Hello Lorns and welcome :)

I'm sorry to hear that your work is making life harder than it already is :(

I'm afraid I don't really have any suggestions other than what you have already done in talking to your union rep.

Many of us are faced with very hard choices concerning work and other people have also lost jobs or been moved around when they didn't want to be.

I hope that someone with better knowledge of English work laws and systems will be along soon with some good advice.

bye for now,

Thank you for your welcome Katherine.

Just finding this site has made a big differance to me.
I do not feel so alone.

I hope I can be of as much help to others:)
Hi Lorns,
I had about 6 months off work with a serious flare. I then had to go through the procedure of regular meetings with occie health and my manager+personel throughout a slow return to work. This invovled a non-clinical role and reduced hours for a bit. I'm an NHS nurse.
I was always aware however that if I could not do the job I was contracted to do they would do their best to redeploy me.
However this would have meant a filing of clerical role and a large paycut.

All in all the process was largely supportive.
Remember you have the right to be supported by a union rep or somebody well versed in employment law in any meetings.
Best of luck
I have no ideas but did want to say that I do understand what you are dealing with as I too have started having trouble at a once very enjoyable job and a workable boss. It seems like they don't have the time to deal with your problems even though you have handled all of there problems for years. I want to welcome you the site and add good luck I hope you find an answer that works for you I have I am filing for disability as the stress of fighting for things at work is getting too much for me and my hours even cut almost in half are still too much for my body and the fatigue.
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