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Human Guinea Pigs

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Since my years of having lupus, I have discovered that we as lupus patients have become human guniea pigs.;) They poke, stick, medicate, and everything they can think of, and yet we still have not come up with a cure or anything....I guess all we can do is sit back, relax, and "EAT" (steroids)....LOL:rotfl:
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Yes, you are not wrong, but I am luckier than most having a good Consultant and good GP. It is like kissing frogs to find a prince, trying to find good Medics, and believe me I had to kiss a lot of frogs!

X Lola
Oh, I can surely identify with what you are saying, the past month I have felt like I am being sent from one doctor to another, for one test, or more and it surely does get so tiring. I was diagnosed last April, and had gotten used to the testing, blood testing, but then a problem popped up and then there were a multitude of heart tests including a heart catherization, Cat scans and EEGs and a more blood tests.:temp: :jab: :afraid: :clock: But I think I would take all that over having a doctor tell me one more time it is all in my head:eek: But finding the right meds that work and don't cause too many problems does sort of seem like a crap shoot. Right now I am trying to wean off of prednisone, give myself shots of methotrexate, and take my other pills, oh I guess it is just one of the things we have to do to try and stay as healthy as possible. Take care and know that you are not alone, Karly
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