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Hypersensitivity to perfume, detergents etc

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Hi everyone...
So sorry... another question for you ...
I have always been sensitive to perfumes and scented things, but I also had favorites scents and they didn't bother me... vanilla candles, hubby's cologne, nice soaps from Crab&Eve... I always had drawer liners Nantucket Briar.. loved them all..... but I had to go to unscented everything a few yrs ago, including all soap, deodorant, detergent etc. Having to leave restaraunts, elevators, doctors offices. Having to ask co-workers not to wear their fav perfume cause I can't be near it having to walk away from my customers b/c they have too much perfume on (that always goes over well :sad: )

Over the last year I've noticed a HUGE increase in my sensitivities to the point that ANYthing with the slightest chemical odor or scent effect me both emotionally and physically... I just stop in my tracks when I smell something and start to panic..

I get so irritable and anxious until I can 'find' the smell or get away from it. Within a few mins I'll get a big headache, palpitations, burning in throat and itchy eyes... and I get irritated and aggitated :worried:...and kinda obsessed until I can find the culprit, wash it, trash it or move away from it... I just find it weird that over the last year or so it has become a huge problem and has magnified 100 times what it was couple years ago... I am no longer 'just sensitive'... I know I appear really obnoxious to people...

Most importantly... It seems to have worsened and peaked along with my illness and diagnosis (MCTD this Aug.)
Any insight ?
PTIC my acronym for People Think I'm Crazy...
How could I possibly be that sensitive ???? < snif >
I see a correlation to my 'flare' symptoms and being more sensitive...
Do you think I need to explore this with my psychiatrist ? :rotfl:
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Hi Blue,

I too have been diagnosed with MCTD 2 yrs ago.
But for many years before that ,i have been sensitive to perfumes. I used to love wearing my Chanel#5 and even used the non alcohol Chanel but that doesn't work for me either.

If i smell strong perfume my sinus close down for the day. I'll get a headache and have to find refuge outdoors if possible. Especially if someone is cooking in heavy grease. My sinuses will stop up with a terrible headache.

I thought it was me being so sensitive, til I met a woman in church,who was just as bad as i am. So now we sit together reassured the neither one of us have any perfumie odors.

If i happen to get it on my skin i will rash up immediately and it gets into my blood stream causing me to itch uncontrollably. So i give light hugs to those who love their aroma.
I had to do away wiht any perfume in my clothes detergent, bath soap,, hair products and i use gloves and a mask to clean around the house.

So, just know, your not alone when it comes to that.

Take care,
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These sensitivities must make life very difficult for you if not downright painful.:sad:
I do know that they are strongly associated with fibromyalgia.
I guess that it is possible to develop a hyper reaction, a sort of phobia ? Worth mentioning certainly, if you have a health care professional who could help cope with it. It's tough when your life is being so severely affected

Good Luck
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