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Hello guys,
Haven't posted in a while--have really been in a funk. My rheumatologist just up and decided to move out of the country, so I have had to find a new one. The new doc ordered tests and these are the results that came back positive:

Anachoice (TM) screen Positive
DNA (DS) antibody 16 H

ANA Pattern Speckled
Antinuclear antibodies 1:80 H

urinalysis Protein 1+

I was diagnosed years ago by this other physician and have been treated with Plaquenil and methotrexate, which I currently take. I have another appointment with the new doc for follow up next week.

Can you guys please help me interpret these results. I am realy just not able to comprehend this stuff.


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I am not a expert with any of this so I can not give you a lot of information.

I do know that positive or high DS dna antibodies are indicitive of Lupus and your ANA is positive too so this along with all of your symptoms seems to say that indeed you have Lupus yet I am not a doctor.

I am sure that more knowledgeable folks will be along to help sort this out for you. I do not think that +1 is very high for protein in the urine but that is just a guess.

Sorry but i am still learning so much myself about this.

I know that there is a great site to go to and check out what test results mean.

Good luck and let us know how your making out moving forward.:wink2:

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Hiya... umm well Daniel Wallaces book states that anti double stranded DNA are rarely present in patients who do not have SLE. its values reflect clinical disease activity ie values are higher with flares and decrease with improvement. The ana is often speckled in SLE and with other autoimmune processes. I know recently whilst I was flaring I carried +1 protein in urinalysis samples and the Dr seemed unconcerned and said anyone that was ill will often have this as standard...however if they were concerned they may order a 24hr urine collection to do a better measure of what is being excreted. It is very common for lupus patients to carry a bit of protein.
I hope that has helped a bit, no doubt others will be able to explain better than me, take care of yourself and all the best with your new Dr.
Claire X
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