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I am FUMING!!!

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:mad: :angry: Watch out everyone I think my head is fixing to explode!!:mad: I finally was put on methro great:) and cellcept (I can't be on plaqnail due to detatched retina) well I to the pharmacy to get my meds and they said that will be 345.00:eek: [email protected]! I was like 3what I said what about my insurance and they said they saved you 125.00 Oh yeah hold me back,so I said I can't afford that its more than a car payment and thats just 1 months supply, so I asked them to call my doctor (Rhuemy) and ask for a generic compatible drug, well now my doctor wants me to come in to discuss it, I was just there April 1st,, she told me then that there are anti malarials that we can try that do come in generic, OKAY so she prescribed meds I can't afford I ask for a replacement med and she wants me to come in...:eek:hno: :shrug: I don't get it, I only get 1 doc visit per quarter paid by my insurance (we are self employed and pay for our own huge premium) so I can't see her til June, I talked to the nurse today who remembers my visit limitations and she said she would talk to my doc on Monday to see if we can get this fixed...Why is the doc reluctant to call in a replacement why call something in, in the first place,
I have needed to be put on something other than steroids now for over 2+ yrs and finally when I get this close its like [email protected]!#!?#[email protected]#!:mad:
UGH!!!!!I am sooooooo mad!!!
And now I am having TERRIBLE headaches and migraines and I can't shake them they are lasting days and causing so much chaos around my home, my husband has been extremely supportive but since lately I have been flaring and now migraines and headaches are slowing me down (not totally stopping me but slowing me) he is getting frustrated blaming the doctors for not fixing me etc, I am like its a disease theres no fixing just managing, I am lucky to not have been in the hospital etc. Thanks for listening!!!:) :sorry:
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Hi Laura I am glad that i dont pay for my medication or i would be the same as you it must be terrible that you cant get your much needed medication.But you cant get it i would be out a fortune if i had to pay for mine as it priced by one item i think that every body that has any kind of disease that there medication should be free as we know that we have this for life i hope you get one that you can afford.Best Wishes Elizabeth
thanks Elizabeth...:) It seems the ones we need costs a fortune, my prednisone costs 3.00 for 60 tablets go figure??;)

It's understandable you are fuming :mad: what a frustrating position you are in!! :worried:
It's very worrying being given cheaper meds like pred as an alternative when more appropriate meds are needed but are too expensive.:worried:

I am sorry I don't understand the procedure in the US (I'm in the uk) so I can't offer any advice..but I hope you can find some answers to your predicament soon laura.

I hope you feel better soon..Is there anything else that can help your headaches?

take care need plenty of TLC at the moment!
:hug: karen x
Karen...thanks for your reply and the TLC if anyone needs TLC right now its you too, I am thinking of you as you will see on your post for your daughter!! I always remember you by the minnie mouse!!:) ;)
:) Thank you laura!..I have just read your post,thanks so much you have been a big support to me :hug:

there is plenty of TLC for us all :wink2: thank goodness!we certainly need it.
my children chose the minnie mouse, but you probably already figured that out :) plus I am a child at heart :hehe:

you take good care of yourself laura bye for now
luv karen x
I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to pay much for medicine, sometimes no co-payment, and it does always seem the medicine we need the most is the most expensive and outrageous. I sure do hope things get straightened out soon and you get to feeling better. I sure do know those headaches, but mine I can give into since I don't have a family to keep up with. Take care, and you have all my good thoughts, Karly:hug: :love2:
I have been told in some countries if you contact the drug manufacture they can help with the cost. I am not sure about yours though
good luck
Thanks guys for letting me vent and goats I will look into what you said about finding out if there are any costs cuts from the manufacturer.:)
Hey Laura,

Cellcept is incredibly expensive as it has a patent on it still by Roche because it's a very new med... There is a med called myfortic, i.e. mychophenolic acid, it was released by Novartis fairly recently and it's incredibly similar to cellcept (mychophenolate mofetil), but supposed to be cheaper...

I've never tried myfortic myself, I have tried cellcept, but my rheumy had talked about it at some point last year I think. Just thought it might be something worth asking your doc about...!

Hope you get to the bottom of this soon! Very frustrating indeed :grouphug2:


I am on cellcept....
I think we are so lucky in teh Uk with the nhs and meds...

dont get me wrong its now £7.10 per item but a whole lot cheaper than some of you ahve to pay...thats why the pre payment certificates are excellent...
also try
Hi Laura,

Im shocked and horified, my heart goes out to you that you have to worry about this on top of your health problems. I hope you get sorted soon with other meds. good luck,

:hug: Primrose
I know how you feel bc I ddin't get health and drug insurnace until 1 yr ago when I started working. I got some of my meds from a medicine assistant program. The place were I work still has the same insurance but changed to a different provider so when I went to get my meds in March I had to pay full price for them. My co-pay has started over since the providers was switched and now I have to me another 250 dollar co-pay. It makes me so mad that health care and medicines are so much that people that do have insurance sometimes can't even afford them. I hope you get in sooner to see your doc and it seems like they could just call you something else in to replace the expensive drugs. That is a long time to wait after you have already been to see the doc. I hope you get some meds to help you soon.

wow you poor ****** really sorry you are going through that hang in there best of luck:wink2:
Thanks you guys for all the kind words I appreciate it,:love2: Its Monday and I am still waiting for the doctor to get back to me, I am losing hope and getting so frustrated!!:worried:
Its so nice to come in to this site and talk with people who understand what your going through!!:thanx:

One place to check for help is the other is to check the manufacturers website. Most of the drug companies in the USA are providing medications free or very low cost for those that can't afford them. I was able to get assitance for Enbrel through a foundation that helps with certain drugs whose co-pays are too high for the patient to pay. The first 3 months of the year the Enbrel costs us up to $1400 for one month. Please see what you can do for assitance on the cell-cept. The methotrexate won't be nearly as expensive and perhaps you can at least get started on it while waiting to figure out the cell- cept.

Take care,
Hi Laura,

I feel for you my daughter is fully covered right now by both parent benifits, but I worry about her future, when she is no longer a student our benifits will cut her off. We were told it was a very expensive drug when it was perscribed and did we have benifits. They did tell us if we were not they would put her on Imuran which is somewhat cheaper.

I guess she will need to stay a student for ever:)

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