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Hi, I have been to a rheumatologist and was told that I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and she is not ruling out lupus. I am returning to her 17th Jan.
My symptoms are:

extreme fatigue
dry eyes
+ANA- has tripled in 12 months
constantly elevated ESR (mild)
diabetes 2
cardiovascular disease- 3 stents inserted in Oct this year
thrombosed radial artery after angiogram
antiphospholipid syndrome

and since surgery:

worsening fatigue
sunburnt look across my nose and cheeks
maddeningly itchy raised rash on my back and spreading out to shouldners, and now going up nape of neck and into my scalp- scalp is bleeding from scratching it
severe muscular pains and sore finger joints
swollen glands at back of neck and behind ears
difficulty focusing on things
mood swings-cant be bothered with anyone or anything
one lot of eye styes after the other

I am not anaemic though. Does this mean I don't have lupus? does it sound like I do have it? I dont want the disease per se, but maybe if I finally got a diagnosis, they could treat it. kwim?

Thanks for your advice in anticipation,


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Hi, thanks for the replies- quick ones at that! :) I have been seeing her on and off for 2 years now. Last April she was going to start me off on Plaquenil but I baulked at it because I had heard some negative things about it. Now I feel so ill, I will gladly take it.

Thanks for the replies again,

Glenys- Happy wife :)

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It's not Lupus!

I have just got back from my rheumatologist visit and it is good news! I don’t have Lupus- or any other auto-immune disease at the moment. After my ANA + reading tripling over the past 12 months, this last barrage of tests read a negative result. All bloods were within normal boundaries! I still have fibromyalgia which is a pain all over, and I do have sleepless nights with it. But, after hearing that I do not have lupus, it is bearable.

I am rapt and praise the LORD for His goodness!
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