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I think you should ask for the reference ranges to be printed for you from you lab. They really do vary from place to place, and without giving the units of measurement for these values, it's really difficult to make comments on meaning of blood test results.

The only things that stand out for me is that it appears you're a little bit anemic (low hematocrit, low hemoglobin (I think that's what hb means in your lab at least) and an almost low MCV. These all have to do with red blood cells. These values are not really low - just a little and not too concerning.

Obviously the protein and blood in the urine combined with the slightly low eGFR of 67 (I can't make sense of a creatinine of 83 - that's certainly not the scale used around here - perhaps you meant 0.83?) does indicate potential kidney problems. But really you need to discuss these results with your doctor and get reference ranges for your lab printed right next to your results. It's nearly impossible to give advice unless Clare or someone else uses the same lab as you & has the correct reference ranges.

Glad to hear things turned out all right for your son.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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