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I am new and as yet undignosed but suspected as of having Urticartia Vasculitis and possibly ANA neg Lupus. I found lots of good advice and conversations here. Thanks.

Found a great BLOG that may be of interest to those with Chronic Hives, vasculitis urticartia etc.... well written, very informative.

do a google search for

I live in Australia and would welcome being able to talk with others down here who maybe able to give me help etc

I am awaiting an active blister for biopsy....... Doc has threatened life long medication if it comes back positive. I am not happy about that. I would much rather go the natural route if these is one. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Clare in Tasmania

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Welcome and hope that you meet some people that can help you. Hope to see you in chat sometime. I do not believe that there is a thing as natural treatment for lupus at least. I am not sure how bad yours is or it gets but for the me I welcome the meds and the pain pills as they are the only thing that get me through the day sometimes. I wish you the best on your tests and that it is something that can be treated naturally but you should also think about the best way to treat your disease for comfort also. Let us know what happens with your tests. We can help even if it is just to listen and be supportive of you.
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